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The spiritual transformation of a woman with mystical gifts to share.

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A BREATH FLOATS BY is about a soul group that comes together in the middle of their life incarnation to sort through several issues and support one another in living their proposed soul contracts.

Spiritual growth in this new age spirituality book comes through working with their prearranged soul group who had promised to assist one another with their spiritual transformation.

A Breath Floats By is an exploration, however subtly, of the possibility of reincarnation though there are other considerations for this spiritual metaphysical possibility.  Gene memory from ancestors.  Choosing some of our cell memory for our spiritual growth teachings.  Alternate realitites.  There being as many dimensions in our lives as sand on the beach.  But that does not mean there is not a Creator or a Divine connection.

Whether a reader believes in reincarnation, the new age spirituality book, A BREATH FLOATS BY, shares such a perceptive message that the reader will never again view a coincidence in the same light.

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2 Responses to “ New Age Spirituality Book ”

  1. Essa Adams on June 21, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    Plausible and interesting theory. The novel actually explores three more theories, leaving the reader to contemplate what reincarnation, rebirth, other dimensions and cell memory mean to them at this time. Thanks for sharing, Teri! Essa

  2. Teri on June 4, 2010 at 6:43 am

    soul groups: an interesting topic. here is a thought/ idea re soul groups. And for those who do not buy into reincarnation, or the other metaphysical and/ or physics-al concepts… this might help get the mind wrapped around concepts that 3 dimensional physical plane beings can grasp:)

    the universe is BIG- literally ( everything we can see and measure is only 4% of what we *KNOW* is out there), and metaphorically. Even in a monotheistic christian perspective.. one would have to acknowledge that there is a LOT ( most) that we as humans will never have the inside scoop on. Where we were before ( in heaven related terms) and precisely where we go and in what order of operations, after we die. Yes, maybe we go to heaven… but what precisely IS heaven? and HOW do we get there? through what process of fashion etc…

    anyway- in terms of the where we might have been before “Here.”.. If the universe is that big.. and “heaven” that big and un-knowable.. maybe there is something like a waiting room.. or other place in the heaven world/ realm.. where we connect with other souls.. or that there is more than one pre-being-born place.. and that we connect with others somewhat based on that ” location”… like bus-stops, so to speak.. you see someone every day.. and they become a familiar/ known face.. you might not say more than hello to them.. but if you went to a party, where you knew no one.. and saw that familiar face, you would gravitate toward it. Or maybe we do have slightly more interaction and can form somewhat of actual ” relationships” or “friendships” with other souls.. in the same way people on a tour group might connect, for some common reason or interest…

    who knows.. but it is definitely a possibility.. and could explain why there are some people we feel that we instantly know, or connect with…

    I am not arguing against reincarnation or the many-worlds theories at all.. but that this perspective is one that mono-theistic perspective can relate to, in some regard, and a perspective that does not need to violate the basic tenets of their religious ideology:)

    be well. play nice;)

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